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  • Singing this brought me some peace so I wanted to share. #laurendaigle #cover #hopeisalive #rescue
  • Turnin heads 🤪
  • Things have been pink lately 🎀 what’s everyone’s (indoor) plan tonight? #selfieafterselfie #sorrynotsorry
  • First time I put on makeup and real clothes all week (just to go on a walk outside) but it felt good. Hope everyone is safe and sound 💓
  • Guys!! (I have no clue what happened to my video lol) I want to start a tag challenge for musicians during this time of isolation. I feel lucky to have an outlet that keeps my mind busy. This is the first time I actually picked up my guitar in a week because I’ve felt so down about illness I’m battling and the outbreak that’s causing extreme anxiety. I needed a little motivation and maybe you do too. •
So I challenge 5 people -  @gabriiegonzales @thatsaxophoneguy @sierracarsonmusic @autumnkhya @robthestolen •
To post a tiny tune either to your story or feed and tag 5 more artists (including me)  with the hashtag #musiccanhealchallenge •
Tiny version of torn request by @not_awgyomai !
  • Im filled with so much joy & gratitude right now!  Thank you to all my old and new friends . and family who continue to support me through everything. It means the world to me.
  • “There’s no excuse to living your best life!” “You are the only one in control of you!” “You decide whether you want to be healthy or not!” •
I have seen these sayings ALL over instagram and they are really starting to bother me. Yes the people saying these things have good intentions and are trying to inspire others. However lately it’s not inspiring me at all and actually makes me feel bad. Some people are not in the right state of mind to “just get up and not be lazy!” Or their bodies are going through physical conditions that are not up to them and that they didn’t choose and they can’t just disregard that. So seeing these healthy people on social media that are able to just get up and motivate themselves is amazing but sometimes can feel discouraging and I don’t think they always address these things. So!
Anyone that might be going through a tough time I think it’s important to understand that you must listen to your body. If your body needs rest, rest. If your body cannot handle an intense workout don’t push it. Do what you can handle and don’t feel guilty about being “lazy”. You’re doing the best you can. ❤️
  • Personal pic for the win tonight ❤️ my little buddy pokey being the sunshine in my life rn!!
  • Come out to this show on March 7th! I haven’t been playing out much recently because I’ve been in the studio. So if you’ve been wanting to see me live nows your chance!!!! 😁😁😁🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️❤️

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